7 Wedding Favor Ideas to Impress Your Guests


To plan a wedding, there are a lot of steps like selecting the venue, choosing the caterer, shopping for wedding attire and so on. One of the important things is preparing wedding favors which show your appreciation for your guests.

7 Wedding Favor Ideas for Your Guests

Not sure where to start? Don't worry, we've got 7 favor ideas for weddings below, including edible and practical items. Let's check it out!

Edible Wedding Favors

Food is the most common choose but it never goes wrong! Sweets especially symbolize sweet moment and happiness.

Chocolate Wedding Favors

Always classic! Both kids and adults love chocolate. There are a lot of choices, such as stylish chocolate, chocolate cupcakes and chocolate bombs.

Cotton Candy Wedding Favors

Make your wedding fantasy! Cotton candy always brings back sweet memories. We provide 5 cotton candy wedding favors. You can even have your custom labels. Click >>See what we've got.


Dried Fruits Wedding Favors

Healthy and colorful choice. Sliced dried fruits are also perfect for cocktail or tea.

Tea Bag Wedding Favors

Drinkable gift is also a great choice! Soft drinks and bear as wedding favors are pretty common. If you already serve alcohol on your wedding day, tea must impress your guest!


Practical Wedding Favors

If you are considering practical wedding favors, we suggest that you can choose something light and small because it's easier to carry. You can have custom pattern on the favor to make it unique, but remember not to put your face or name on it.


Eco-Bag Wedding Favors

Reusable tote bags are perfect for carrying jacket, water bottles, etc. It's really convenient and eco-friendly when going grocery shopping.

Drawstring Pocket Wedding Favors

Also an eco-friendly choice. It's good for storing small things like earphones, medicine, charger, etc. Too boring? Custom your own pattern on the pockets.


Coasters Wedding Favors

If you have a theme for the wedding, personalized coasters sure can be a highlight. It's practical and also unique!

Of course, what you decide to thank your guests is up to you. The one thing that matters is having fun!