Wedding Cotton Candy

Heading into the final months before your wedding? Come check these perfect wedding favors. We provide 2 types of thank-you cotton candy for wedding. There are multiple flavors and colors to choose. If you want to customize your owen unique cotton candy, feel free to contact us.


Cotton Candy Lollipop

With a classic wedding tag on the lollipop; Colors to choose: Pink, Blue and Purple; Shelf Life: 14 days

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Cotton Candy Ball

With a classic wedding tag on the balls; Colors to choose: Pink, Blue and Purple; Shelf Life: 14 days

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Cotton Candy Cup

Three types of stickers to choose: Black(Wedding), Pink(Thank you), Green Lake(Thank you); Shelf Life: 14 days

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Cotton Candy Bag


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Sandwich Cotton Candy


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Cotton Candy Flavors / Colors
Popping Candy, Black Currant, Plum Fries, Strawberry & Kumquat Lemon (If you want other flavor, discuss with us)
White, Purple, Pink & Blue

Contact us for custom cotton candy

Special Offer
Event / Wedding Favors
10% off for orders over $135 dollars
15% off for orders over $270 dollars

Cotton candy is easy to get condensed due to the moisture. Before opening, please keep cotton candy in the plastic bag we provide. After opening, please consume as soon as possible.
Please make sure to keep the products in a cool, dry place, away from moisture, light and heat. Do not refrigerate.

Read Below Before Customizing Cotton Candy

  • There will be an extra charge for customizing you own tag or sticker.
  • We only charge printing fee. Please provide us Ai file. We do not design or edit pictures.
  • There is no extra charge for the tags or stickers which we already provide.
  • There will be extra charge for more requests like hot stamping, bigger ribbons, different materials, etc.
  • Please note that if the quantity of the customized tags is less than 200, we can only print stickers and paste them on the tags. There might be a little border around the tags.

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