Custom cotton candy for The Body Shop

Seeing this dark green tag, The Body Shop, this well known skin care brand must come into your mind. This July, The Body Shop in Dream Mall was reopened and we were happy to provide our cotton candy favors for their opening event.

Cotton Candy Favors / Freebies

In every mall or department store, you can always see this British cosmetics and skin care brand.

For The Body Shop, we provided our signature product-Cotton Candy Lollipop. There are green, yellow, orandg, purple and pink cotton candy lollipops. The flavors are popping candy and strawberry. Both are our best-selling flavors. Different from the original cotton candy, our candy floss is coupled with toppings like strawberry granules. We also customized the tag which can show the icon of The Body Shop. Cotton candy lollipop is the most popular among our cotton candy favors. It's really cute and delicious.

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