Custom cotton candy for KYMCO


Many made by KYMCO has always been one of the most popular scooter in Taiwan. When girls get the license, Many is usually their first choice of scooter because of its light weight and style. Now KYMCO has launched iMany, a better version of Many. We are honored to make custom cotton candy for the iMany event promotion.

Cotton Candy Favors / Freebies

KYMCO held events for iMany promotion from July to August in 2023. We provided our signature cotton candy-Cotton Candy Lollipop. There are blue and pink cotton candy lollipops. The flavors are popping candy and strawberry. Both are our best-selling flavors. Different from the original cotton candy, our candy floss is coupled with toppings like strawberry granules. We also customized the tag which can show the iconic scooter of KYMCO. Cotton candy lollipop is the most popular among our cotton candy favors. It's really cute and delicious. If you are interested, just contact us!

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