Co-branded Cotton Candy Box with The Last Day of Summer 831


We are lucky to work with The Last Day of Summer 831, a famous Taiwanese band, to create lovely cotton candy products for their fans. In 2021 and 2022, we launched co-branded cotton candy bouquet, tub and lollipop. This year, we have launched a brand new packaging-cotton candy box!

Co-branded Cotton Candy

"The 831 Carnival" is an important annual event of The Last Day of Summer 831. They hold this event which has taken place for 14 years to meet their fans in summer every year. This year we create cotton candy box with brand new packaging to impress the fans. The colors of cotton candy are purple and white. The flavor is summer fruits blend, mixed with peach, red guava and pear and infused with dried apple cubes. It's rich, flavorful and yummy! Handmade cotton candy with fruit flavors sure can remind you of summertime happiness.

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